Rolando is a neighborhood of the Mid-City region of San Diego, California. Rolando is mostly residential with the exception of El Cajon Boulevard, which features the Campus Plaza shopping center. Rolando is divided by University Avenue into two sections: Rolando Village to the north, and Rolando Park to the south.

Today in the 1990s Rolando continues to hold a reputation as a neighborhood which fits the “Sense of Place” and community spirit of its unique suburban heritage. In 1997 the Rolando Community Council and College Area Business Improvement District sponsored the Rolando Community Street Fair. The success of the event and the community response have made this an annual event which draws over 10,000 each March. Other local endeavors such as the Community Council’s collaboration with the City Parks and Recreation Department to place a community identification sign on Rolando Boulevard, work on a new Community Service Center in the old fire station on College Avenue, and the College Area Business Improvement District’s tree planting programs and enhancement programs along El Cajon Boulevard are evident of the continued community spirit of Rolando.

Recently Rolando and the surrounding neighborhoods have also been the recipient of the unparalleled generosity of philanthropist Joan Kroc’s gift of $87 million to the Salvation Army for building a new community center on University Avenue which will open in Summer 2002. The center will house an ice rink, swimming complex, gymnasium, skateboard park, family enhancement facility, recreation field, education and performing arts center. The Ray and Joan Kroc Community Corp Center is already being recognized as a world-class facility unlike any other.

Its been over 75 years since the first developers saw a vision of Rolando as a new city and a “World’s Master Development.” A resurgence in interest in Rolando and the establishment of the Kroc Center just may be the beginning of bringing those paper dreams to reality.